About us

In August, 2010, and after looking for a web tool to organise small private events among friends (bachelor parties, barbecues, former schoolmates meetings and so on) with no success we decided to create it by ourselfs because we still had the need to solve our own events in a organised and optimised way… this way atfour was born.

Pablo Gil Fernández

Co-founder // design and user interface

Born in Cáceres in 1978. Industrial engineer, product designer, 3D modeler and even short film maker… It should have not been enough because he joined this beautiful project.

César Redondo Bueno

Co-founder // programmer

Born in León in 1981, although he is a Badajoz citizen since he was 12. Programmer and an enterprising person by heart. Now a days he lives in New York, from where he continues getting involved in amazing projects..


Raúl Catena Felipe

iOS software developer

Born in Pamplona, Spain, in 1981. Scientist, Programmer, and Entrepreneur. Lives in New York, where he studies cancer metastasis and employs his extra time in programming beautiful and useful mobile apps.

Ernesto Medina Tellez

Android software developer


Thank you everybody for making atfour a little better each day